Brushworks Gallery & Framing Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Our Framers

Karen Fitzgerald 

Karen came to Brushworks as a ‘Girl Friday’—that was 18 years ago. Today, she’s ‘quality control.’ Her expertise in fitting and finishing means she’s the last one to see a piece before it goes out the door. “I cut and clean the glass, fit the treatment to the frame, and attach paper, wire, and hanger. Everything fits precisely—this is the benefit of custom framing.” Karen takes pride in her work, scrutinizing every detail, finishing a piece as if it were her own. “I know I do what I do well—you need a good eye. People come back because of our consistent quality and craftsmanship.” Karen’s eye for detail has been sharpened in her own ‘hobby ceramics’ business, creating complete dish sets, decorative bowls, and more—most of which she gives as gifts. As a certified ceramics instructor, Karen has passed on the joy and beauty of creating to countless others, which shows in her work ethic: “When I hear a customer say, ‘This is just what I wanted, this is beautiful,’ I like hearing that—I’m proud that I got to participate in their vision and that they are happy and excited. I get a good feeling.”


160 East 800 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
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